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What The Ohio Lemon Law is About
Peter Gitundu

Ohio lemon lemon law is a strong legislation that protects consumers who buy defective vehicles from motor vehicle manufacturers. A lemon is a new or leased car that does not serve the way it is supposed to. It is a vehicle that develops functional problems before the warranty period is even over. There are several things that will help you judge whether you have a lemon in Ohio. Your car needs to be purchased or leased in Ohio, your car needs to have been repaired without success after several attempts and others. If this major facts describe your car then you can have Ohio lemon law work in your favor. The Ohio lemon law can be founds under the state's law statues section 1345.71 to 1345.78. You can get to learn the details of what exactly the law states.

Ohio lemon law also covers used cars provided they qualify with the proper warranty details. The law also covers trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, SUV s, Jet Skis and other types of motor vehicle. Once you realize that your car or motor vehicle is a lemon, the first thing you do is to write a certified letter to the automaker or the car manufacturer stating your problem. Your car manual contains the details of how you can contact the car manufacturer. Your letter should state whether you want a refund or a replacement. You should keep a copy of this letter so that if you have to proceed with the case, you will have some evidence to produce. In the letter, you should also indicate what the problems have been with the car. You should also include the number of times you have attempted to repair it.

If the manufacturers agree to the terms, they will refund your lemon or replace it and, on top of that, all extra charges like taxes, insurance, cost of repair, service charges and others will have to be met by the manufacturer. In Ohio and other states, the car manufacturer will most likely ask for another chance to repair the lemon and you have to give him enough chance before you proceed. The manufacturers also have an arbitration program which is an informal way of settling the dispute. It involves a neutral party mediating between the two parties to come up with an amicable solution. Many of this programs manage to settle the issue, and the Ohio lemon law is used to provide a fair settlement however, this programs also fail and the owner of the lemon will have to proceed with the case.

Therefore if you are not satisfied with the ruling of the arbitrators, you can file a civil suit and seek to recover a compensation plus all the costs you incurred during the process. You need to get yourself a good lemon law attorney who can guide you until you see that justice is served. The Ohio lemon law requires that every car dealer discloses every information about the car to the buyer before they make a payment. The court proceeding may take a very long time but, in the end, you will get the justice you wanted if your case is successful. For the court process, you will need to have all your records safely kept and they may include the warranty, car payment receipts, repair orders and others.

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