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Michigan Lemon Law Defined
Peter Gitundu

Michigan lemon law applies to all new vehicles and the ones that are leased. They should be privately owned passenger vehicles. Motor homes, large vehicles, off road vehicles and motorcycles are not covered. In the Michigan lemon law, a lemon is a vehicle that is defective and has been repaired more than 4 times but still is not improving also it needs to have stayed for more that 30 days without serving you. If this sounds like your car, then it is probably a lemon. You therefore need to report the matter immediately and the place to do this is to the manufacturer who will then get a chance of repairing it again. If the car is still a lemon, then the Michigan lemon law will see that the end is fair for you.

In writing, let the car manufacturer know that you need to have a replacement or a refund. You need to state clearly what it has taken for you to arrive at this. This means that you will show the number of repairs that you have done and what the problem might have been according to the repair orders. There are 3 vital things that will ensure that Michigan lemon law works for your favor and they include keeping your documents safely and, the documents include the correspondents to the car manufacturer. The other copies you need to keep are of repair orders and the mileage details of the lemon. You need to follow all the warranty instructions which include maintaining the vehicle the way it is supposed to be maintained. This will ensure that if you go to a court of law, the manufacture does not argue neglect.

The first arbitration you need to consider is the one provided by manufacturers. The manufacturers and the lemon car owner are engaged in a discussion to fairly solve the issue. There is a third party that ensures that the proceedings are fair. If the ruling does not go in your favor, the option of filing a legal suit is always there. You need to have a lawyer who can explain the implications of the case and what you stand to gain when you go ahead with your decision. Therefore, the Michigan lemon law can work for you if you take the time to find a good lawyer who will dedicate time and energy in the case. The documents that you will have kept safely will come in handy in proving that your car is indeed a lemon.

When you take the necessary steps to find the right lawyer, you will find one who will not disappoint. Some of this steps include making sure that the lawyer is from your local area. This will go a long way to cut all unnecessary costs that may be incurred. The need to have the experience of dealing with other cases so that they can make your case stand a better chance of winning. Make sure you spend time to find a good lawyer and before you hire them, agree on the attorney fee.

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