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Lemon Law Lawyer Or Attony - Some Important Things To Know

A lemon law lawyer or attorney assists a unsatisfied automobile consumer under the lemon law when a consumer's vehicle has been subject to several failed repairs, or when their vehicle is kept out of service due to repairs. Under current lemon laws, an automobile must be repaired a specific number of times within a specified time period and an automobile must not be unusable (because of repairs) beyond the legally allotted time. In addition to resolving these types of problems by legal means, a lemon law lawyer or attorney may also aquire cases which may expose dealership fraud, such as the non-disclosure of a car's warranty defects or hidden mileage. And a lemon law lawyer may even pursue several claims against a manufacturer per case, such as the Lemon Law in addition to a breach of warranty and unfair trade practices.

Some state lemon laws require or encourage dissatisfied automobile purchasers to participate in a car manufacturer's arbitration program prior to hiring a lemon law lawyer or attorney. Because many manufacturer's arbitration programs do not legally meet the requirements of the Federal Trade Commission regulations, they may be subject to special interests, or are simply intimidating to a dissatisfied purchaser, a lemon law lawyer or attorney is the best alternative to internal negotiations.

Rather than face car manufacturers, authorized agents, or auto dealers alone in a court room or in a manufacturer's internal arbitration program, a dissatisfied car buyer may have better results with the assistance of a lemon law lawyer or attorney to get a refund or a replacement vehicle. Lemon law lawyers or attorneys study the current lemon laws and their amendments, advise dissatisfied car buyers on the requirements of the lemon law, draft legal documents, and work with them in court. With experience and extensive knowledge of the lemon laws, a lemon law lawyer or attorney has the skills and legal power to negotiate a satisfactory resolution for the dissatisfied purchaser. A lemon law lawyer or attorney can also help dissatisfied car buyers pursue claims under the Federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and other contract remedies.

When working with a lemon law lawyer or attorney, it is helpful to provide the details of the automobile's purchase, its service, repair and accident history (including all dates and work performed), and a copy of the warranty. Payment is not required while working with a lemon law lawyer or attorney. According to state law, lemon law lawyer's or attorney's fees are not collected if a case is lost. Instead, lemon law lawyers and attorneys work on a contingency basis, and collect fees from automobile manufacturers, authorized agents, or auto dealers only if they win a case for the dissatisfied automobile purchaser.

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